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When I lived in Buenos Aires, the walls of my neighborhood slowly became covered with these beautiful graffiti faces. After a year I figured out who was behind them. He was generous enough to let me interview him.

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1.5 seconds of every video on my phone from 2017

Glitch posters
Social experiment

Award-winning project in which Alan Liu and I traded 78 pancakes to strangers in exchange for anything.

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The 100 Day Project
Data visualization
Branding / copywriting

Tired of food drives and silent auctions? Stuck at the country club because you fear damaging your reputation at a traditional casino? Introducing Gold Samaritan, the first ever non-profit casino.

At Gold Samaritan, charity isn’t just fun, it’s addicting. All profits go towards causes that matter to you, whether that’s malaria prevention or supporting recovering gambling addicts. Channel your inner philanthropist and go all in! Losing has never felt so good.

Book design

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Collaborative, online whiteboards for connecting global creative teams
Product Design, UX, UI
Educational web app for teaching creatives how to harness serendipity
Web Design, Front-end
Travel Pals
Making transportation for chronic hospital patients more human-centered
Service Design, Healthcare